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iberico ham


Iberico Model
iberico ham

This model is ideal for ham slicing and presentation. It has a sophisticated and practical design which allows you to move the ham handily. It has been designed by professional Master Slicers, thus fulfilling these requirements: correct height, balance, simple mobility, specific space for your dinnerware set, knives, etc.


-Ham stand not included

- Designed to be compatible with any type of ham stand

- Customers can install any ham stand directly on the worktop, providing an excellent experience both for the worker and the customer

Worktop material: “Compact” phenolic board, waterproof and fire resistant, antibacterial. Non-porous surface, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, dirt-resistant, resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants. Unalterable regardless of conditions of humidity.

Structure description
Size (length x width x height) Length: 39.37 in. / Height: 33.07 in. / Width: 19.29 in.
Materials Galvanized iron with powder coating
Standard colour Black
Other colours On request
Worktop Description
Size 29.52in x 17.71in. With its worktop extension you will have an extra 10.23 in at your disposal
Standard colour White
Other colours On request
See video

Para una mejor experiencia, coloca el dispositivo en posición vertical.