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drinks trolley


Evolution Model with Glass Froster Section
drinks trolley

Besides enjoying its amazing outputs, you will make great product presentations with this model. The Drink Cooling Machine enables you to carry quickly and comfortably a CO2 bottle along with the frosting bell.

It also includes a specific space to place a rubbish bag intended/destined to the removal of leftovers. We can use both components individually or jointly according to our needs.

Structure description
Size (length x width x height) Length: 51.18in / Height: 42.12in / Width: 19.68in + Length: 19.68in / Width: 11.81in
Materials Galvanized iron with powder coating
Standard colour Black
Other colours On request
Worktop Description
Size 51.52in x 20.07in Adding our Worktop Extension: 61.81in
Standard colour White
Other colours On request
See video

Para una mejor experiencia, coloca el dispositivo en posición vertical.